The DNA Memorial Team

The DNA Memorial Team has a combined knowledge and experience of well over 75 years in DNA research, education, and forensics. The DNA Memorial Brand and technology is a division of Global Genetic Health, an accredited and academic research leader. Global Genetic Health is the premier lab whose expertise is in post mortem DNA and extreme degradation. We are considered experts in DNA degradation and much of our experience is in recovery of ancient DNA from samples hundreds to thousands of years old. Our expertise in this area gives us thorough knowledge of degradation and decay mechanisms as well as how to manipulate and halt them.

Additionally, our leadership team running the DNA Memorial brand includes funeral industry experts with the experience of funeral home ownership, serving families and understanding the complexity of funeral home operations. This gives us a very intimate and thorough knowledge of our customers; funeral homes and the families they serve. We are passionate about our field and realize the importance DNA holds for all individuals both now and in the future.

The DNA Memorial product was specifically engineered for the funeral industry. It recovers a maximum DNA yield through noninvasive mouth swabs even after the embalming process which is a huge advantage over other methods requiring a blood draw. This product was first used to store archaeological DNA samples of badly decomposed human remains in the universities before being available to the general public.