Terms and Conditions

Each private DNA Memorial includes the processing and preservation of the sample collected by the client in accordance to the protocol outlined in our Refence Manual. Once processing and preservation is completed, the service includes sending the DNA Memorial and Banking Certificate/Certificate of Analysis to the address indicated by the client.

DNA Testing and reporting is all done by third party providers.

Reports may be only digital in nature and only arrive electronically or may be printed hardcopies at the discretion of Global Genetic Health. Third party providers for testing or keepsakes have their own terms of service which also apply if any of those services are used. Global Genetic Health limits its liability up to the cost of the purchase price under any circumstances along with any reasonable shipping charges. Reports are considered informational purpose only and are not to be relied upon as medical advice. Global Genetic Health has no liability for a third party who may produce an ancillary product for any of our brands. Liability will rest with the third-party provider and their own terms and conditions of service will apply to the products. Due to the nature and variability of DNA samples, sampling techniques and degradation rates Global Genetic Health does not guarantee successful testing or preservation of the DNA and is only limited in liability for the purchase price. Clients may be charged a non-refundable service fee of 200.00 United States Dollars for extractions on forensic or non standard samples for the extraction attempt.

Extra Kits

In the event that you lose or damage your sample collection kit, there is a $25 charge for a replacement kit, plus shipping.

Turnaround Time

The routine turnaround time for DNA banking is 7 to 14 business days from the date that your samples arrive at the laboratory. As with any biological procedure, some exceptions may occur. The top priority of the laboratory is to ensure the highest quality banked DNA. The 7 to 14 business day turnaround cannot be guaranteed if a exception is encountered. The laboratory will not under any circumstances sacrifice the quality of the banked DNA in order to speed up the turnaround time. If a recollection is required, you will be notified by the laboratory.

Non-Compliant Samples

DNA Memorial sole responsibility is to provide DNA Banking Services by processing and preserving the Samples submitted to the laboratory. It is your responsibility to submit an adequate sample for us to process and preserve. If you submit a non-compliant sample, there is no guarantee regarding the quality of the DNA or whether viable DNA can be properly preserved. The sample will be preserved “as is” and will be returned to client. Any testing failures related to substandard sample will be considered fault of the sampler and Global Genetic Health will not be liable under any condition.

Change of Address or Incorrect Address

If an incorrect address was provided in the order form or if the address has been changed, and as a result, the kit will have to be re-delivered, $25 (plus shipping) will be charged for a replacement kit. Risk of loss in transit passes to you at the time of delivery of the DNA Memorial to the address you provided when you placed your order. Please ensure the address you provide to us is correct.

Sales Taxes

Tax is applicable. Tax will be applied to your order based on the province you currently reside in but international orders are not subject to sales tax. Third parties may have additional taxes or import duties.

Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted methods Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, E transfer, or PayPal

Refund Policies

In the event you wish to obtain a refund, an official request for refund must be received by Global Genetic Health within fifteen (15) days after your initial order. Collection kits and shipping costs are non-refundable. If you do not request a refund within fifteen days of your initial order, the service is non-refundable. Once the sample has been collected and processing begins, the procedure is absolutely non-refundable unless agreed upon by Global Genetic Health. Refunds will be issued in the currency it was paid in.