“We are all born with a unique genetic blueprint, which lays out the basic characteristics of our personality as well
as our physical health and appearance.”

Joan D. Vinge

DNA gives Life Insurance New Meaning

Funeral Pre-Planning saves your family from difficult decisions, by adding DNA preservation to funeral Pre Plan packages you can save lives now and in the future. It allows you to pass along very valuable information to your family which can help them live a better longer life.  Your DNA is used to compare against your children and descendants to identify harmful mutations which as technology advances can be corrected and prevented reversing diseases and combating aging.

What if you could also plan for health and longevity for you, your family and descendants yet to come?

DNA preservation and testing can do just that.  You can take advantage of this ground-breaking technology now and create a personalized, thorough and proactive healthcare plan for yourself while your alive and your family after you are gone.

The DNA revolution is happening right now.

Families gain access to early detection and early treatment, which in turn can potentially save lives or at the very least reduce invasive treatment plans.   For the first time, both living descendants and unborn future generations have access to profound medical knowledge.

By building a ‘Generational DNA Library’ families can predict hereditary disease,
in current and future generations.

What’s more, by preserving living descendant’s DNA, you gain access to personalized medicine, which allows doctors to completely customize healthcare for an individual at the cellular level.