DNA Memorial HOME BANKING Solution

The sample DNA is placed inside a sealed sterile vial with content identification.

The DNA Memorial Home Banking may be banked in non extreme conditions and room temperature for future testing.

The DNA will remain viable indefinitely if a simple care guidelines are followed. 

DNA Facility Secure Banking

Our DNA Facility Secure Banking maximizes the safe preservation of the DNA sample. The sample environment is strictly monitored and actively maintained for ideal preservation conditions. These conditions virtually exclude the possibility of damage or degradation to all genetic material present.

If you chose the DNA Facility Secure Banking option you will need to sign the DNA Memorial Banking Agreement. Download the DNA Memorial Banking Agreement (PDF).

With each DNA Memorial Home banking sample, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity. The information contained in the certificate is as follows:

Name: The name of the deceased

Date: The date of issuance for the certificate (please note that this date is formatted DD/MM/YYYY)

Quantity DNA: The amount of DNA encapsulated in your DNA Memorial Home Banking vial

ID#: Your DM number identifies the casefile for this individual and allows quick access to the individuals file at the DNA Memorial laboratory

DOB: The date of birth for the recently departed (please note that this date is formatted DD/MM/YY)

Ancestry Testing

DNA Memorial offers an online based premium ancestry test with our partner in the Living DNA. All the major ancestry companies are unable to process DNA samples after the individual has died.
Living DNA can use post mortem samples if DNA Memorial specially treats them first.
This test is comparable to major, and provides a detailed view of your loved one’s ancestry.
It includes recent regional ancestry, sub regional DNA breakdowns, extended ancestry, DNA today, and family DNA matching, as well as a secure platform to connect with family members if desired.
The raw data from this test can be uploaded to, Family Tree DNA, or most other major ancestry companies if you desire.

DNA Pendants

Lazarus DNA offers many options of personalized pendants that come in 925 sterling silver, nickel free.